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Emigration from Portugal
Relatório do Migration Policy Institute, da autoria de David Justino, sobre o volume, fatores e impactos da emigração portuguesa desde a viragem do século.

Título  Emigration from Portugal. Old Wine in New Bottles?
Autor  David Justino
Editor  Migration Policy Institute
Data  2016




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Emigration is only felt more deeply today because immigration has simultaneously been falling, creating a net migration deficit. Emigration and slowed immigration have also accompanied a sharp decline in births, boosting the issue of population decline and aging to the top of the agenda. Despite public belief to the contrary, the recent wave of emigration mirrors previous waves in that it has been largely characterized by low-skilled workers seeking better jobs and opportunities abroad. While high-skilled emigration has indeed been on the rise, it is a trend that has grown over decades owing in part to the forces of globalization and greater European integration.
This report explores the scale, drivers, and impact of emigration from Portugal since the turn of the millennium. It outlines the characteristics of Portuguese emigrant populations in top destination countries, including Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, and examines how the country can stem emigration and promote the return of emigrants.


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