There were 852 Portuguese who entered Denmark in 2019, according to Denmark Statistik data. That Danish agency accounted for a total of 80,744 entries of foreigners in Denmark, and the Portuguese represented 1.1% of that total. +
Characterization of the Portuguese emigration and the emigrated Portuguese population based on a diverse set of national and international data and sources. Data referent to 2018 and the period 2000-2018 (or latest available years). +
Interview with Ana Saraiva
Ana Saraiva is an anthropologist with a doctorate in anthropology and a master's degree in museology and heritage from the New University of Lisbon. In 1999 she was an anthropologist in the municipality of Góis; in 2000 she practiced in the municipality of Gavião (team of the Local Action Plan and the Detailed and Safeguard Plan of the Historic Centre of Belver). Since 2001 she has been an anthropologist in the municipality of Ourém, and is currently head of the Cultural Action Division. She programmed and directs the Municipal Museum of Ourem. She participates in research and programming projects focused on the areas of anthropology and museology, with publications linked to discourses of cultural representation. In 2017, her doctoral thesis “Casas (pós-)rurais entre 1900 e 2015: Expressões arquitetónicas e trajetórias identitárias”, was published in book. +
[CONFERÊNCIA] On February 19th, the conference "The legal construction of the national and the foreign in South America for 200 years" will take place at Auditório Caiano Pereira, in in the Sedas Nunes Building, starting at 2:30 pm. In this meeting on migratory experiences, organized by CIES-IUL, CRIA and the Migration Network, will be discussed the implications of the legal construction of foreign and national in Latin America, on Venezuelan emigration, and will be lectured by Professor Diego Acosta, of the University of Bristol. +
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