There were 332 Portuguese who entered Iceland in 2018, according to Statistics Iceland data. That Icelandic agency accounted for a total of 11,537 entries of foreigners in the country, with the Portuguese representing 2.9% of immigration in that year. +
In 2017, Portuguese emigration continued its sustained downward trend, with around 85 thousand individuals leaving the country. Overall, the decrease is strongly correlated with the recovery of the Portuguese economy, especially in terms of job creation, as well as the reduction in attraction of destination countries such as the United Kingdom and Angola. The 2018 edition of the Factbook includes data updated to 2017 (or last year available) on total Portuguese emigration and to the main destination countries, as well as on emigrants' remittances. +
Interview with Jacquelyn Meshelemiah
Filmed interview with Dr. Jacquelyn C. A. Meshelemiah, a Licensed Social Worker (LSW). She earned her Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW), Master of Social Work (MSW), and Doctorate (PhD) from the College of Social Work, of The Ohio State University, USA. +
[PUBLICATION] Working paper by Hein de Haas, Simona Vezzoli and María Villares-Varela, part of the series produced by the International Migration Institute network. This paper focuses on the issue of the structural increase of extra-EU immigration, challenging the political expectations that the opening of internal borders would reduce extra-EU immigration, in a 60-year, 1950-2010 analysis. +
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