In 2015, 8,810 Portuguese entered the Germany, according to data from the Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland. The German institute accounted for a total of 1,751,360 foreign admissions in Germany, with the Portuguese accounting for 0.5% of that total. +
Between 2008 and 2014, 1,110 trafficked persons were reported in Portugal. About a quarter of the reported trafficked persons are citizens of Portuguese origin. They are mainly men, exploited workers, either within or outside the country. The experience of some actors directly involved in the fight to stem trafficking in human beings (THB) crime leads to a better understanding of the problem. In-depth qualitative studies, besides enhancing the knowledge of the problem, could also support effective prevention and the assistance of trafficked persons. +
Interview with Jorge Malheiros
Jorge Malheiros is a geographer and a researcher at the Center for Geographical Studies of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Lisbon, where he is also an associate professor, teaching subjects in the field of theory and methodologies of geography, social geography, migration and geopolitics. In addition to other institutional functions, Jorge Malheiros is a Portuguese correspondent of OECD. +
[PUBLICAÇÃO] It is available for download, the book South-North Migration of EU Citizens in Times of Crisis edited by Jean-Michel Lafleur e Mikolaj Stanek, which contains a chapter by the researchers José Carlos Marques and Pedro Góis. +
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