There were 6,664 Portuguese who entered the United Kingdom in 2020, according to data from the Department for Work and Pensions. That British agency accounted for a total of 322,196 foreigners in the United Kingdom, with the Portuguese representing 2.1% of that total. +
Characterization of the Portuguese emigration and the emigrated Portuguese population based on a diverse set of national and international data and sources. Data referent to 2019 and the period 2000-2019 (or latest available years). +
Interview with Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta is a leading international expert on International, European and comparative Migration law. +
[PUBLICATION] Article by the researchers Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Alina Esteves and Luís Moreno which, using the case of Odemira, makes an analysis of the consequences of foreign investment in agribusiness, for international workers, and in the lifestyle of migrants in a rural location and, highlights the strategies devised by local actors in adapting to the new linguistic and housing demands. +

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