According to Statistics Sweden, 427 Portuguese entered Sweden in 2018. This Swedish organisation accounted for a total of 132,602 entries of foreigners in Sweden, with the Portuguese accounting for 0.3% of this total. +
With a PhD in anthropology from Brown University, USA, Caroline Brettell also did the Master of Arts. She holds a BA in Latin American Studies from Yale University. In 2009 she was named University Distinguished Professor of Southern Methodist University, USA, where she teaches. She is the director of the Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute. Her main research interests are centered on migration, the intersection between anthropology and history, historical demography, gender and transnationalism. Since the 1970’s she has been developing fieldwork among Portuguese emigrants in Canada, France, the USA and in Minho, among their families, in this case to analyze the impacts of emigration in the country of origin. +
Interview with Paulo Filipe Monteiro
Paulo Filipe Monteiro holds a degree in Sociology from ISCTE. While a student, in the 1980s, as an end-of-course project, he began the study of emigration from the villages of the Lousã mountain to the USA. He continued, later, the investigation into Portuguese emigrants, then from the destination point, in Connecticut, USA. From this path came the book Emigração. O Eterno Mito do Retorno, as well as other publications, including Luso-Americanos no Connecticut. Questões de Etnicidade e de Comunidade. He holds a PhD in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he teaches drama, cinema and fiction. +
At the end of the cycle dedicated to migrations, the Cinemateca Portuguesa dedicates the month of May to the Portuguese diaspora with a set of sessions focused on this theme, and the presence of some directors who approach and experience this same reality. The Cycle will end with a debate on the themes addressed in the Cycle, with the presence of José Vieira, José Alexandre Cardoso Marques, Philippe Costantini and Octávio Espírito Santo. +
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