There were just under 1,000 Portuguese who, in 2017, entered the United States of America, according to data from the US Department of Homeland Security. In 2017, this US institution counted more than one million foreigners in the United States (1,127,167), with the Portuguese representing 0.1% of that value. +
De acordo com os dados da DIOC 2010/11 (base de dados sobre imigrantes portugueses nos países da OCDE), cerca de 1 milhão e 400 mil portugueses estavam emigrados em países da OCDE. No diz respeito às qualificações, os emigrantes portugueses possuíam maioritariamente um nível de escolaridade baixo, incluindo nos países em que existia um maior stock de portugueses. Ainda que existisse um predomínio de emigrantes com baixa escolaridade, assiste-se a um aumento do número de emigrantes com escolaridade mais alta no caso dos que emigraram mais recentemente, isto é, quando o tempo de estadia corresponde a um ano ou menos. A emigração mais recente tende, pois, a ser mais qualificada. +
Interview with Caroline Brettell
With a PhD in anthropology from Brown University, USA, Caroline Brettel also did the Master of Arts. She holds a BA in Latin American Studies from Yale University. In 2009 she was named University Distinguished Professor of Southern Methodist University, USA, where she teaches. She is the director of the Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute. Her main research interests are centered on migration, the intersection between anthropology and history, historical demography, gender and transnationalism. Since the 1970s she has been developing fieldwork among Portuguese emigrants in Canada, France, the USA and in Minho, among their families, in this case to analyse the impacts of emigration in the country of origin. +
[CONFERENCE] On 23rd November, the conference "Immigration portugaise en France: penser les impensés" will be held at the Salle Laplanche, on the 5th floor of the Olympe de Gouges building (Paris Diderot University), starting at 09h30. This conference is organized by the Research Group on "Lusophone Migration" (URMIS), Center for Anthropological Research (CRIA), Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FCSH), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in partnership with Instituto Camões / Portuguese Embassy , and will be attended by several researchers from the area of migrations. +
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