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According to Statistics Sweden, 427 Portuguese entered Sweden in 2018. This Swedish organisation accounted for a total of 132,602 entries of foreigners in Sweden, with the Portuguese accounting for 0.3% of this total. +
There were 18,871 Portuguese who entered the United Kingdom in 2018, according to data from the Department for Work and Pensions. That British agency accounted for a total of 632,670 foreigners in the United Kingdom, with the Portuguese representing 3% of that total. +
There were 765 Portuguese who entered Denmark in 2018, according to Denmark Statistik data. That Danish agency accounted for a total of 83,955 entries of foreigners in Denmark, and the Portuguese represented 0.9% of that total. +
In 2017, 1,234 Portuguese citizens acquired the British nationality according to the data from the GOV UK. That agency from the United Kingdom accounted for a total of 123,115 acquisitions of nationality by foreigners, with the Portuguese representing 1% of that total. +
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