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Didn't get the chance to attend the seminar “Trajectories of Portuguese emigration”, as part of the Ourém 'Nós Migrantes' Festival? You can now watch the full morning and afternoon sessions on the Emigration Observatory's Multimedia page.
Melissa Siegel, professor of migration studies at the Maastricht School of Governance and UNU-MERIT, presents, in a short video made available by the Migration Data Portal, some of the available databases on migration and remittances.
The Emigration Observatory provides free access, through its Youtube page, to all the webminars held, focusing on Portuguese emigration, in particular, and on international migrations, in general. You can also listen to the lectures of Russel King, Michael Skey e Frédéric Docquier. In addition to the webminars and lectures, recorded interviews with Jacquelyn Meshelemiah, Sharvari Karandikar and Jean-Michel Lafleur, and the colloquium "Economic potential of the diaspora" are available.
Hein de Haas dismantles, in 10 episodes, some of the most common preconceptions about migration, and offers a fundamental understanding of the realities surrounding the current debate about migrants and migration movements. This course, called Migration 101, is considered an essential and foundational element for anyone interested in the topic of migration.
The pandemic of COVID-19 has influenced all aspects of human mobility in many ways, both by closing external borders and by imposing restrictions on mobility within national territories. As COVID-19 is no longer considered critical by nation-states, and mobility slowly resumes, Meghan Benton, Research Director for the International Program at the Migration Policy Institute, presents the "Moving Beyond Pandemic" Podcast, where she explores the issues and challenges facing policymakers, travelers, airport operators, and other transportation hubs.

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