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Where to find data on migration?
Melissa Siegel, professor of migration studies at the Maastricht School of Governance and UNU-MERIT, presents, in a short video made available by the Migration Data Portal, some of the available databases on migration and remittances.

In addition to this video, other articles relevant to the study of migration are also available on the Migration Data Portal, namely "Migrant stocks vs. migrant flows", "Classifying and defining migrants for statistics" and "Collecting migration data: administrative vs. survey data".


Migrant stocks vs. migrant flows
In this video the differences between migration stock data and migration flow data are explored.


Classifying and defining migrants for statistics
This video explains the different ways in which migrants are defined in statistics and the consequences of these on counting the number of migrants.


Collecting migration data: administrative vs. survey data
In this video, the pros and cons of using administrative versus survey data to answer research questions on migration are examined, as well as the pros and cons of different types of administrative data.



More information about the Migration Data Portal is available here.

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