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Are migrations as important as we believe?
Hein de Haas dismantles, in 10 episodes, some of the most common preconceptions about migration, and offers a fundamental understanding of the realities surrounding the current debate about migrants and migration movements. This course, called Migration 101, is considered an essential and foundational element for anyone interested in the topic of migration.

Title  Migration 101                                          

Speaker  Hein de Haas

Organization  Migration Matters

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Episode 1
Are we living in a time of unprecedented migration?

More people than ever before are on the move, right? Not exactly. Hein de Haas gives us a different perspective on the history of migration and what this means for the future.


Episode 2
How has migration to Europe changed over time?
It would seem to some that migrants are coming to Europe in even great numbers, but this is far from reality, says Hein. He takes us through the numbers and their relation to the past.


Episode 3
How much does global inequality drive migration?

Isn’t it true that most migration is made up of very poor people seeking a better life? Hein explains why a causal link between poverty and migration is far too simplistic.


Episode 4
Will climate change lead to more migration?

Are fears of mass, climate-induced migration well-founded? No, says Hein. He criticizes the prevalent prediction that climate refugees will come to more affluent countries for its lack of evidence.


Episode 5
How much does migration change receiving societies?

Migrants do indeed have an impact on the societies that receive them, but this impact is not as extensive as most people think, explains Hein.


Episode 6
Can we "fix" poorer countries to keep people from emigrating?

Foreign aid and development programs may not work in the way policy-makers expect, Hein shares. The more a country develops, the more some may want to migrate.


Episode 7
Who are we allowing in? Who are we trying to keep out?

Migration policies may seem like they are becoming more restrictive, but the general trend says otherwise, Hein shares. Or at least it does for some countries.


Episode 8
How effective are borders in keeping people out?

Around the world, old borders are being reinstated or existing borders reinforced. Yet walls and visa restrictions are not likely to have their intended effect, warns Hein.


Episode 9
Want more or less migration? Here's what to think about.

Hein gives us some points to consider before limiting immigration, such as the role of migrant labor in important sectors such as healthcare.


Episode 10
Is migration good, bad, or normal?

What if the debate surrounding migration could move beyond pro and con? Hein urges us to see migration as a normal, human phenomenon.


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