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Portuguese emigration to Austria recovers in 2021
Inês Vidigal
In 2021, 669 Portuguese entered Austria, according to Statistics Austria. That Austrian body accounted for a total of 139,543 entries of foreigners into the country, with the Portuguese representing 0.5% of immigration in that year. +

In 2017 and 2018, Portuguese emigration to Austria grew by 10.2% and 9.1%, respectively. However, between 2018 and 2019, emigration to Austria practically stagnated and there was a small but not significant increase (+0.9%). In 2020 there is a significant decrease in the number of Portuguese arrivals (-14.9%), which follows the decrease in the total number of arrivals in Austrian territory (-10.1%).  In 2021, Portuguese emigration to Austrian territory increased again, recovering from the decline recorded in the previous year (+15.5%). Over the time series under analysis (2002-2020), the number of Portuguese entering Austria had a minimum value in 2004 (266 entries) and a maximum value in 2013 (878 entries). In relative terms, Portuguese emigration to Austria continues to represent a very small fraction of immigration in this country (0.5%).





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