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Emigration to Switzerland decreases sharply in 2016
According to data from the Office Fédéral de la Statistique, in 2016 10,123 Portuguese entered into Switzerland, less 2,202 than the previous year. The official statistic department accounted for a total of 167,407 entries of foreigners in Swiss territory that year, representing the Portuguese 6% of this total. +

This was the third consecutive year that emigration into Switzerland declined significantly: -24% in 2014, -19% in 2015 and -18% in 2016. It was also the second year that, on the contrary, increased the total number of migrants entering Switzerland. Thus, this recession continued to translate into a relative loss of importance of Portuguese immigration: in 2013, the Portuguese accounted for 12% of migrants' arrivals into Switzerland, which fell to 9.4% in 2014, 7.6% in 2015 and to only 6 % in 2016.




Cite as Vidigal, Inês (2017), “Emigração para a Suíça volta a diminuir acentuadamente em 2016”, Observatório da Emigração


[by Inês Vidigal]
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