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In 2016 less Portuguese entered in Austria
There were 561 Portuguese who entered Austria in 2016, according to Statistics Austria. That Austrian agency accounted for a total of 158,746 foreigners in the country, with the Portuguese representing only 0.4% of immigration that year. +

Between 2002 and 2009, Portuguese emigration to Austria fluctuated annually around 300 entries. During the period under review, the lowest value of Portuguese entries in Austria was recorded in 2004 (only 266). From 2007 to 2013, there was a continuous increase of Portuguese entries, with the peak occurring in 2013, with 878 entries in Austrian territory. Starting in 2013, there is a trend towards a drop in Portuguese emigration to Austria. In 2016, there was a decrease of 15%.





Cite as Vidigal, Inês (2017), “In 2016 less Portuguese entered in Austria”, Observatório da Emigração


[by Inês Vidigal]
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