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Emigration to Ireland increased by 38% in 2015
There were 426 Portuguese who entered Ireland in 2015, according to Eurostat data. That European agency accounted for a total of 76,888 entries of foreigners in the country that year, and the Portuguese represented only 0.6% of that value. +

Between 2006 and 2009, Portuguese emigration into Ireland decreased, stabilizing around 250 entries between 2009 and 2012. From this year onwards it rose again, with a record increase of 38% in 2015. During the period under review, the lowest value of entries was recorded in 2009, when it stood at 236. The highest figure occurred in 2006, with 475 entries, with a target of more than 400 entries into Ireland.





Cite as Vidigal, Inês (2017), “Emigration to Ireland increased by 38% in 2015”, Observatório da Emigração


[by Inês Vidigal]
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