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Number of Portuguese inflows into Canada remains low but increases again in 2015
Inês Vidigal
There were 822 Portuguese who entered Canada in 2015, according to data from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. That Canadian agency counted a total of 271,847 foreigners in the country, with the Portuguese representing only 0.3% of immigration that year. +

Since 2000, the number of Portuguese entries in Canada has fluctuated frequently, increasing in some years, decreasing in others. During the period under review, the lowest value of entries was recorded in 2003, when only 329 Portuguese emigrated to Canada. The highest was in 2015, with 822 entries in Canadian territory. Since 2011, the number of Portuguese entries in Canada has increased, albeit at a much lower level than in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century, when it reached numbers around 5,000 per year. Currently, Canada is the fourteenth country where most Portuguese emigrate.






Cite as Vidigal, Inês (2016), “Number of Portuguese inflows in Canada remains low but increases again in 2015”, Observatório da Emigração


[By Inês Vidigal]

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