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Portuguese intra-EU migration. The dynamics of an ongoing migration process
Article by researchers Pedro Góis and José Carlos Marques, from the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra, and the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, respectively. This article is part of the Ethnic and Racial Studies Journal. +

Title  Portuguese intra-EU migration. The dynamics of an ongoing migration process
Authors  Pedro Góis e José Carlos Marques
Publisher  Ethnic and Racial Studies
Date  2020
Keywords  European integration, European migration, European labour markets, Portuguese emigration, intra-EU migration, free movement

Full article available here.

Ever since 2005, there has been an intensification in the outflows of Portuguese nationals, characterized by the transformation in the institutional context in which they occur, the emergence new destination countries, and the simultaneous resurgence of flows to traditional destinations. This article, applying data gathered from France and the UK, enhances the comprehension of contemporary Portuguese intra-EU migratory flows. It shows how this emigration is characterized by continuities and discontinuities with previous flows and by similarities and dissimilarities in the socio demographic characteristics of emigrants and their migratory paths and strategies. One proportion of these flows emerges as qualitatively different from past economic migration flows as regards both migrant demographic features and their migration processes. We may ascribe another proportion to the traditional economic migration framework that has enabled migrants to extend their opportunity structure beyond the national context in response to the obstructions experienced within national borders.

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