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Roundtable on concepts and statistics related to emigration and return
[CALL] The first workshop of the cycle "Emigration and return in Portugal" will take place on October 9th. This round table will have the participation of Professor Rui Pena Pires, the Director of the Demographic Statistics Service of INE, Cláudia Pina, and Professor Isabel Tiago de Oliveira. The session is open to all people who work or have an interest in the topic of return. The workshop is open for registration until October 6. +

The call for papers for the next workshops of the series is still open, following this calendar: 

6 November - Emigration policies and return policies (deadline: 30/09)
4 December - Urban-rural territoriality and return spaces (deadline: 31/10)
5 February (2020) - Gender and return (deadline: 30/11)
4 March (2020) - Return decision-making and life cycle (deadline: 30/11)

If you have not subscribed yet, please fill in this form. We would be grateful if you would register before each session, whether you propose a paper or not, so that we can reserve a room according to the number of participants.

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