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Retrogression of civilization puts law above the human being
Interview conducted by Ângela Roque (Renaissance) and Lígia Silveira (ECCLESIA Agency) to Professor Maria Beatriz Rocha Trindade on the Civilization Retreat puts the law above the human being. +

The first Portuguese anthropologist, founder of the Center for the Study of Migration and Intercultural Relations 25 years ago, highlights that "human obligations" go beyond "national laws" and regrets the criminalization of solidarity what she calls "civilizational regression".
Maria Beatriz Rocha Trindade looks at the "pioneering" action of the Catholic Church, "preceding the role of the State" in supporting emigrants, underlines the "pillar" that is faith and religious practice represent for those outside.

Today's mobility is different, it has reconfigured the motives of those who leave and is no longer "a drama", but without falling into generalizations the researcher affirms that "licensed" emigration is a small part of a large slice of "unskilled labour".

See the full interview in Ecclesia here.


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