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Cinema by José Vieira on emigration
During this week, under the Lisbon Sintra film Festival, it will be possible to see eight movies of José Vieira, made between 2002 and 2016, on emigration. In these films testimonies of Portuguese that emigrated to France are registered, some of clandestine form during Estado Novo, others that lived in slums and those who returned to the villages where they were born. +

Among the films chosen are, for example, "A fotografia rasgada" (2005), about clandestine emigration, from a code used by those who left the country: The passer kept half of the photograph of one who emigrated and the other took it emigrant who, once arrived at the destination, sent it to the family.
"O país aonde nunca se regressa" (2005), "Le bateau en carton" (2010), "A ilha dos ausentes" (2016), about the director's own experience of leaving the country, were included in this retrospective.

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