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Migrations: The first 100 days of Trump administration
[PUBLICATION] It is available for download, the Migration Policy Institute publication which assesses migration measures taken during the first 100 days of Trump administration.

Title  The First 100 Days: Summary of Major Immigration Actions Taken by the Trump Administration 
Author  Sela Cowger, Jessica Bolter, e Sarah Pierce
Publisher  Migration Policy Institute
Date  2017


“During his first 100 days in office, President Trump and his administration have taken a sweeping set of actions on immigration, ranging from imposing a travel ban to cutting refugee admissions, "extreme" vetting, and fortifying immigration enforcement at the border and in the U.S. interior.
This fact sheet examines the major immigration actions taken to date, in particular the executive orders signed on interior enforcement, border enforcement, the original and revised travel bans, and "Buy American and Hire American," along with related adminstration implementation memoranda.
It also assesses the developments that have occurred since the signing of these executive orders, including legal challenges and related policy developments, as well as Cabinet and sub-Cabinet positions related to immigration.”


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