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Digital networks and Portuguese emigration in Macao and South Korea
The conference “Digital networks and Portuguese emigration in Macao and South Korea” will take place on 5 June, at the Paquete Oliveira Auditorium, starting at 14h30. This event, integrated in the Monthly Meetings on Migration Experiences, organised by CIES-iscte, CRIA-iscte and Observatory of Emigration, counts with the intervention of Sara M. Reis, from CIES-Iscte, and the moderation of Inês Pereira, from Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa.





































At a time, when digital networks, whether family or professional, are part of our lives as a connection point to our communities, what do we know about the use of digital networks in a migratory context, i.e., by people who emigrate? If Europe appears in the news as the main destination of Portuguese emigration, what do we know about emigration to East Asia?
While Macau, is linked to Portugal for historical reasons, South Korea owes its attractiveness in part to the dissemination of its culture through streaming platforms (Kdramas, for example) and has received people from all over the world, including Portuguese. In this meeting it will be presented an ongoing doctoral research project that focuses on the use of digital networks in Portuguese emigration in South Korea and Macau. How can the use of the internet reinforce, or not, the feeling of belonging in the host societies? Do "Western" and "Eastern" social networks complement and reinforce each other or, on the contrary, "cannibalise" each other, after the change of geographical location by the users? These are some of the questions to be addressed at this meeting.


More information about the event and the speakers is available here.

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