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Migrations, diversities and inequalities in retirement
On March 30, the conference “Migrations, diversities and inequalities in retirement: a discussion on aging and migrations in Portugal”, will take place in a hybrid format, starting at 16h30. This event, part of the Monthly Meetings on Migration Experiences, organized by CIES-iscte, CRIA-iscte and the Emigration Observatory, will feature interventions from Dora Sampaio, University of Utrecht, Sónia Pereira, High Commissioner for Migration, and Maria Lucinda Fonseca, from IGOT and CEG of the University of Lisbon, and will be moderated by Liliana Azevedo, from CIES-iscte.

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This meeting will take as its starting point the book “Migration, Diversity and Inequality in Later Life. Ageing at a Crossroads”, authored by researcher Dora Sampaio (Utrecht University) and published by Palgrave Macmillan. The presentation of this book is the pretext to generate a wider conversation about issues related to demographic aging and migratory dynamics with a focus on current knowledge and future challenges and opportunities. The discussion will feature Professor Maria Lucinda Fonseca (IGOT-CEG-UL) and the High Commissioner for Migration, Sónia Pereira, and will be moderated by researcher Liliana Azevedo (Iscte).

The book is a comparative study on the diversity of life experiences and aging of three groups of older migrants - Azorean emigrants returning to the archipelago, lifestyle immigrants, and labor migrants aging in the Azores. Based on in-depth interviews and ethnographic work, and in dialogue with scientific debates around the nexus of aging and migration, the book explores the motivations, experiences and future aspirations of different groups of older migrants, united in the common desire to live a 'good life', but with unequal resources to be able to achieve it.  


More information about the event and the speakers is available here.

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