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Human trafficking and migration
Jacquelyn Meshelemiah
Filmed interview with Professor Jacquelyn Meshelemiah, Associate Professor at Ohio University, on the relationship between migration and human trafficking, conducted on October 24, 2016, by Cláudia Pereira at Iscte.

Also available as a PDF in the OEm Conversations With series.
Also available in an online version here.

Date: October 24th, 2016
Duration: 01:03:37
Location: Iscte
Organization:  Emigration Observatory


About the interviewee:

Jacquelyn C. A. Meshelemiah was a social worker for several years, currently focusing on research and teaching. She earned her bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in social work from the College of Social Work, Ohio State University, USA. Meshelemiah has taught numerous courses, currently focusing exclusively on teaching Assessment and Diagnosis in Clinical Social Work Practice as well as Human Trafficking. She is the author and co-author of numerous publications, such as Human Sex Trafficking and, her most recent, Human Rights Perspectives in Social Work Education and Practice. She is also the author of several lectures and trainings in national and international universities. Her main research interests are social justice, human rights and anti-trafficking work. She develops comparative analysis of human trafficking in Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, England, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica and USA. 


About the interviewer:

Cláudia Pereira is a visiting assistant professor at the School of Sociology and Public Policy at the University Institute of Lisbon, Iscte, and an integrated researcher at the Center for Research and Studies in Sociology, Cies_iscte. She was, between 2017 and 2019, executive coordinator of the Emigration Observatory, and was cofounder of network of migration researchers, Rede Migra. She holds a PhD in anthropology and a postdoctoral fellowship in sociology at Iscte. Her research interests include emigration and immigration, skilled migration, migration of nurses, humanitarian action and labor trafficking.

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