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The travels of the barakah: Indo-Mozambican legacies and charisma in the Islamic transnational space
The conference "The travels of the barakah: Indo-Mozambican legacies and charisma in the Islamic transnational space" will be held on February 15, starting at 15h00. This meeting on migratory experiences, organized by CIES-iscte, CRIA-iscte and Observatório da Emigração, will be addressed by Pedro Pestana Soares, PhD student at the Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, and will be commented by Professor Clara Carvalho, CEI-Iscte / Iscte, and Professor José Mapril, CRIA / FCSH NOVA.

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Muslims of Indo-Mozambican descent living in Portugal participate in a set of transnational networks which reflect diverse doctrinal orientations, materializing in a great plurality of ways of living their Muslimity in dialogue with "global" forms of Islam. One of these configurations, perhaps one of the least known in Portugal, is the one that involves the establishment of master-disciple relationships with sheikh-s of Sufi orders, charismatic personalities endowed with great mobility who regularly circulate throughout the Indian sub-continent and the countries of the Indian Diaspora in Africa and Europe. Based on an ethnography of the Al Qadriya mosque in Laranjeiro, affiliated to the Ashrafiya Sufi order, and fieldwork in Beira and Maputo, Mozambique, we will reflect on how these personalities - and the religious and secular organizations to which they belong - assume themselves as vehicles of spiritual power (barakah), bringing together centers and peripheries in the global networks of Sufism. We will also look at how these relations shape religious subjectivities in the Laranjeiro congregation, interacting in complex ways with colonial legacies and memories, and eventually reconfiguring the Islamic landscape itself in countries that, like Portugal, are in the “peripheries of the charism”. 


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