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In defence of health protection
The conference "In defense of health protection: young migrants from southern Europe in Germany and transnational bricolage of health" will take place on November 3, starting at 15:00, in online format. This meeting on migratory experiences, organized by CIES-iscte, CRIA-iscte and the Emigration Observatory, will feature interventions by Simone Castellani, CIES-iscte, and Beatriz Padilla, University of South Florida and CIES-iscte.

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A growing number of studies on freedom of movement and intra-European mobility have explored, albeit still in a limited way, the interweaving of concerns, agreements and health needs of young and young-adult Europeans who emigrate to another EU country, and how healthcare can guide and transform their mobility projects.

Drawing on ethnographic studies with Portuguese, Italian and Spanish migrants (aged 18-45) who moved after 2008 to Germany for work, this presentation explores their health needs and experiences related to existing transnational healthcare arrangements for intra-EU migration.

Following the economic crisis of 2008, the following decade saw a growing welfare chauvinism pervade EU countries' health coverage for foreign nationals. The results of this research highlight how participants activate transnational health bricolage practices both at destination and at origin, and show a diversity of experiences due to a differentiated insertion in labour markets: some have the option to satisfy their health needs wherever they want, while others are forced to do so in order not to lose their right to health.


More information about the event here.


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