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Refugees and housing emergencies
The workshop "Refugees and housing emergencies", organized by Refugees and Migrations: initiatives and reflections (RMIR), will take place on November 17th, in the IGOT conference room, from 2pm to 6pm.

Since 2014, the intensification of conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the continuation of violent situations and serious human rights abuses have led to a growing population exodus to Europe. In 2015, the situation worsened, turning into a humanitarian tragedy. In May 2015, the European Commission agreed to adopt and implement the European Agenda on Migration, which provides for the relocation of people in need of international protection. Under this program, Portugal will receive about 4,500 refugees over the next two years. A group of academic experts in the field of migration intend to discuss these issues publicly in order to make recommendations. The first of these meetings will be about housing, to debate:

- What housing solutions are available?
- How sustainable are they over time?



Opening Table: Refugees: The International and National Context

- Francesco Vacchiano (ICS) and Cristina Santinho (CRIA)

Moderation: João Baía (ICS)


Round Table 1: Housing and Refugee Status: Legal and Policy Issues

- Pedro Bingre, Representative of the Portuguese Council for Refugees, Francisco Oliveira (HABITA)

Moderator: Raquel Matias (CIES-IUL & CES)

Rapporteurs: Sónia Pereira/Ana Estevens (IGOT)


Round Table 2: Housing and Refugee Issues: Housing for Emergency Situations

- Camila Rodrigues, Marina Carreiras (REHURB Project), Refugees Welcome Representative

Moderator: Jorge Malheiros (IGOT)

Rapporteurs: Sónia Pereira/Ana Estevens (IGOT)

Break: 10 Minutes


Closing Session: Beatriz Padilla (CIES-IUL & CICS.NOVA)


Poster available here.

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