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Aesthetic Afro-diaporics in Portugal: the case of Quinta do Mocho
[Estéticas afro-diaspóricas em Portugal - o caso da Quinta do Mocho]
The conference "Afro-diasporic aesthetics in Portugal: the case of Quinta do Mocho" will be held on 16 November in the Paquete Oliveira Auditorium in the Sedas Nunes Building of ISCTE-IUL, starting at 8.30 pm. In this meeting on migratory experiences, organized by CIES-Iscte, CRIA, CEI and the Emigration Observatory, the documentary "On the farm with Kally" by director Otávio Raposo will be shown.

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Every week, Kally and Ema walk the streets of Quinta do Mocho to show visitors the works of the largest outdoor art gallery in Europe. The neighborhood, considered "problematic" and "violent", knew how to turn around the stereotypes and became an example of the cultural wealth of Lisbon's peripheries. Taking advantage of the urban art ride, its residents are the main responsible for this discursive requalification process. They are the ones who drive the guided tours, compose intervention songs and create cultural collectives that value the neighborhood. The artistic expressions born in Mocho are "cries of resistance" to racism, job insecurity and media images that represent it negatively. The film shows how Kally's life, Emma and her son are intertwined with the reinvention of Quinta do Mocho. We follow the daily life of this family who, by insisting on fighting for a better life, also affirms the neighborhood as an active barn of cultural production.

Realization: Otávio Raposo 
Production: Filipe Ferraz e Otávio Raposo 
Research, filming and sound: Otávio Raposo 
Duration: 27 min. 
Year: 2019

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