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Portuguese emigration to Canada, 1966-2016
Inês Vidigal*
Analysis of a long statistical series on entries of foreign migrants in Canada. The annual series begins in 1966 and ends 50 years later in 2016 in the case of data on total admission of foreigners and Portuguese in that country. Data on the remaining nationalities of migrants entering Canada cover a shorter period of 35 years, starting in 1980 and ending in 2015. The analysis of the series identifies the decline of Portuguese emigration to Canada and its relation to evolution of Canadian immigration in general. This evolution is marked by the progressive decline of the European origins of migrants entering Canada and the growth, in contrast, of Asian immigration.


Series  OEm Fact Sheets
Number  07
Date  June 2018
Pages  18
ISNN  2183-4385
DOI  10.15847/CIESOEMFS072018
Keywords  Portuguese emigration, Canada, permanent inflow.
Índice  Evolution of Portuguese inflow, 1966-2016. International comparison, 1980-2015. Metadata. Anex (charts).
Cite as  Vidigal, Inês (2018), “Portuguese emigration to Canada, 1966-2016”, OEm Fact Sheets, 7, Observatório da Emigração, CIES-IUL, ISCTE-IUL. DOI: 10.15847/CIESOEMFS072018.


Map 1  Foreign admissions in Canada by major countries of nationality, accumulated values 1980-2015

Source  Map drafted by the OEm, data from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Permanent residents by source country.


* Pordata, Base de Dados Portugal Contemporâneo, Lisboa, Portugal, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES-IUL), Lisboa, Portugal


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