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Portuguese skilled migration in DIOC 2010/11
Ana Filipa Cândido*
According to DIOC 2010/11 data (database on Portuguese immigrants in OECD countries), about 1.4 million Portuguese were emigrants in OECD countries. With regard to qualifications, the majority of Portuguese emigrants had a low level of education, including in the countries where there was a greater stock of Portuguese emigrants. Even if there was a predominance of emigrants with low education, there is an increase in the number of emigrants with higher education in the case of those who have emigrated more recently, that is, when the length of stay corresponds to one year or less. The most recent emigration, therefore, tends to be more qualified.


Series  OEm Fact Sheets
Number 08
Date   July 2018
Pages  30
ISNN  2183-4385
DOI  10.15847/CIESOEMFS082018
Keywords  Qualified emigration, Portugal, OECD, DIOC.
Index  Portuguese migration in DIOC 2010/11. Educational attainment. Concluding remarks. References. Appendix (tables).
Cite as  Cândido, Ana Filipa (2018), “Portuguese skilled migration in DIOC 2010/11”, OEm Fact Sheets, 8, Observatório da Emigração, CIES-IUL, ISCTE-IUL. DOI: 10.15847/CIESOEMFS082018.


Chart 3  Stock of portuguese-born emigrants in OECD countries with tertiary education, 2010/11

Note  Only countries with more than one thousand Portuguese emigrants.
Source  Chart by Observatório da Emigração [Emigration Observatory], author’s calculations, data from Database on Immigrants in OECD Countries, DIOC 2010/11, fourth revision.


* Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES-IUL), Lisboa, Portugal.


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