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Portuguese emigration in DIOC 2000/2001 [↓]
Data from the DIOC on Portuguese emigrants aged 15 or over born in Portugal and residing in 2000/2001 in one of the OECD countries. The total number of valid cases, gathered in the databases, varies between 21,684 and 1,260,249, depending on the files. For more information, consult the methodological note available in the left sidebar. +


Source  DIOC, database on immigrants in OECD countries, based on censuses and, on a more general basis, administrative records and employment surveys.

Responsible entity  OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Core  Portuguese emigrants aged 15 and over, born in Portugal and residing in any country belonging to the OECD in 2000/2001 (valid answers vary according to the files).

Reference date  Date of application of the census or alternative registers for the period 2000/2001 in the countries of destination.

How to access  To access the data download the files available in the left sidebar.

Terms of use  Free access.Any work in which data from this database is used should refer to the source as indicated below.

Cite as  Database on Immigrants in OECD Countries, 2000/2001 (DIOC-2000/2001), Portuguese emigrants, selection and availability of the files by the Emigration Observatory.


Publications based on this data


A Profile of Immigrant Populations in the 21st Century: Data from OECD Countries


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