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Luso-Angolan immigrants in Brazil
Cláudia Raquel Espinha Cardoso's master's thesis in sociology, presented at the University of São Paulo in 2009, on Luso-Angolan immigrants in Brazil, under the supervision of Fernando Augusto Albuquerque Mourão.

Title  Diaspora and return. Luso-Angolan immigrants in Brazil
Author  Cláudia Raquel Espinha Cardoso
Supervisor Fernando Augusto Albuquerque Mourão
Year  2009
Institution University of São Paulo
Degree  Masters
Area  Sociology
Keywords  Angola, decolonization, diaspora, phenomenology, immigrant, Luso-Angolans, memory, Portuguese



The complex phenomenon of decolonization in Angola led to the displacement of part of the former Portuguese colonists and their descendants, the Luso-Angolans, to Brazil, thus characterizing a diaspora. The life stories collected through testimonies portray the existential conflicts inherent in the migratory condition and, in particular, the conflicts of this group in the context of disconnection from Angolan society, at a critical moment and one of profound transformation caused by the break with the colonial regime. The testimonies' memories cover the period they lived in Angola and their roots in Brazil, in a reconstruction that allows for a phenomenological reading.


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