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Portuguese migration and its media
[A emigração portuguesa e os seus meios de comunicação social]
Sónia Ferreira*
This text makes a brief characterization of the social media produced by Portuguese emigrants and their descendants. However, a descriptive and chronological analysis is not carried out, but in order to look at this reality in a problematic way, questions that, for this purpose, are identified as structural. The discussion based on these questions is illustrated with examples from a variety of empirical contexts, notably from France, Canada, and Brazil.


Series  OEm Working-Paper 
Number  2
Date  June 2016 
Pages  29
ISSN  2183-5438 (online)
DOI  10.15847/CIESOEMWP022016
Keywords  Media, Portuguese emigration, France, Canada, Brazil 
Contents  Introduction. Characterization of the different media communities under analysis and the policies that shape and constrain them. What is a Portuguese average media in France, Canada and Brazil? Language as a tool of work and resource identity and expressive culture as a performance of the Nation. Conclusion: the media as a total social fact. References.
Cite as  Ferreira, Sónia (2016), “A emigração portuguesa e os seus meios de comunicação social: breve caracterização”, OEm Working-Paper, 2, Lisboa, Observatório da Emigração, CIES-IUL, ISCTE-IUL. DOI: 10.15847/CIESOEMWP022016


* Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia (CRIA-IUL), Lisboa, Portugal; URMIS, ParisVII

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