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World Bank: databank, world development indicators
Online database of public access that includes relevant indicators about migration and remittances, namely for international comparisons. Also includes necessary information to the construction of composite indicators about migration and remittances. The search results in the database can be downloaded in several formats, including Excel.




Main socioeconomic indicator base of the World Bank with compiled indicators from official national and international sources.

Time period: since 1960, depending on the indicator.

Geographical scope: worldwide, 248 countries.

Main relevant indicators:

  • emigration rate of tertiary educated (% of total tertiary educated population);*
  • net migration
  • personal remittances, paid (current US$);
  • personal remittances, received (current US$);
  • personal remittances, received (% of GDP).

* For more reliable data on qualified immigration, also supplied by the World Bank, see Migration Database with Age of Entry, 1900-2000:


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