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Portuguese nurses abroad
Book by Cláudia Pereira about the emigration of Portuguese nurses, with the participation of Ana Cláudia Moura, Anne Sthör, João Carvalho, Nuno Pinto, Pedro Pita Barros, Rui Pena Pires and Tiago Correia.

Title  Vidas Partidas. Enfermeiros Portugueses no Estrangeiro
Author  Cláudia Pereira
Publisher  Lusodidactica
Date  2015




 Full book available here.



Gabriel was employed in a hospital, but it was only when he went to Angola to work as a nurse that he was able to start spending more time with his family in Portugal. Maria was offered a job near Belfast before she finished her degree. She now lives in a house on the seafront. Eduardo got a job in Portugal when he finished his degree but they didn't offer him the chance to progress his career. In London, the hospital pays for professional training during working hours and his boss discusses with him his progression and what the hospital will benefit from his new professional knowledge. Ironically, it is countries with a higher number of nurses per inhabitant, compared to Portugal, that come to recruit nurses to the country. The indirect effects of the reduced number of nurses in the health system are already being felt: Portugal is the OECD country where most hospital infections are contracted. Learn about the new life of nurses who emigrated, through their first-hand accounts.

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