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International Migration Outlook 2020
A edição de 2020 do International Migration Outlook analisa a evolução recente dos movimentos e políticas migratórias nos países da OCDE e em alguns países terceiros, e analisa a evolução dos resultados do mercado de trabalho dos imigrantes nos países da OCDE. Inclui um capítulo especial sobre o impacto da migração na composição estrutural da economia. Inclui também notas sobre os países e um anexo estatístico.

Título  International Migration Outlook 2020
Autores  OCDE
Editor  OECD Publishing
Data  2020


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This publication constitutes the 44th report of the OECD’s Continuous Reporting System on Migration. The report is divided into four chapters plus a statistical annex. Chapter 1 provides a broad overview of recent trends in international migration flows and policies up to the first months of 2020 and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international movements. Chapter 2 takes an in-depth look at the employment situation of immigrants and highlights major changes in policies that support the integration of immigrants and their children. Chapter 3 provides a comprehensive comparative overview of the presence of migrants across sectors in OECD countries. It shows that migration has sectoral implications, whether these are intentional or not. It also assesses how migration policy instruments are associated with specific sectors, with a focus on agriculture, hospitality, and information technology (IT). Few OECD countries currently have strong sectoral migration policies, with the exception of agriculture. With the asymmetric employment impact of the COVID-19 crisis across sectors, and the essential role of migrants in certain key sectors, there is, however, a renewed interest in the links between sectors and migration. Chapter 4 presents succinct country-specific notes and statistics on developments in international migration movements and policies in OECD countries in recent years. Lastly, the statistical annex includes a broad selection of recent and historical statistics on immigrant flows, asylum requests, foreign and foreign-born populations, and naturalisations. This year’s edition of the OECD International Migration Outlook is the collective work of the staff of the International Migration Division in the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs. Chapters 1, 2 and 4 are a collective work of the staff of the International Migration Division with important contributions from John Salt (University College London). Chapter 3 was prepared by Yves Breem (OECD) and Thomas Liebig (OECD). Jean-Christophe Dumont and Cécile Thoreau edited the report. Research assistance and statistical work were carried out by Véronique Gindrey and Philippe Hervé. Editorial assistance was provided by Dominika Andrzejczak and Charlotte Baer as well as Liv Gudmundson and Lucy Hulett.

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