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Day of Portugal in London

Thousands of people gathered together at Kennington Park (Lambeth) in London to celebrate a mix of several Portuguese festivals that Portuguese immigrants use to celebrate in one go. London, UK.

In Portugal, the 10th of June is a very special day: Day of Portugal, day of Camões (representing the lusophony) and Portuguese Communities all around the world. Around this date, Portuguese celebrate the Santos Populares, the three major Saints of the country: Santo António (Anthony), São Pedro (Peter) and São João (John). Thus, Portuguese people living abroad just merge all the celebrations in one single day to build up the biggest Portuguese festival of the year.

As side information, there are around 15 millions Portuguese citizen in the world: 10 millions in Portugal and 5 millions abroad. Most of the Portuguese community in London leave around the area of Lambeth, thus the location of the festival.

The weather was nice enough to avoid some rain to shower over the green field. Music, food, entertainment and kids games were at the rendez-vous. Tasty Portuguese food was all over the place: porco no espeto (pig), the famous chargrilled sardines and chicken, the surprising feijoada, the amazing caldo verde, and so on. Not to mention the delightful desserts such as the pastel de Belém, best companion of a true Portuguese roasted coffee. Beer, typical Portuguese wines, the famous Portuguese sangria, and other local lemonades helped people to keep up the good mood.

Football, music and entertainment where the designing the rest of the field. Notable was the presence of Olavo Bilac, a well known Portuguese singer that acted amongst other national artist. A well spent afternoon with a special flavour and home sickness killer.

Viva Portugal!

Demotix, aqui.

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