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Candidaturas para Bolsas até 15 de Abril: MISOCO Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2010:2011

ERASMUS Mundus Joint European Master in

International Migration and Social Cohesion (MISOCO)





In Europe, international migration has become a crucial issue in public and academic debates. The study of immigration and social cohesion had traditionally had a national focus. However, the understanding of this phenomenon needs to transcend national barriers.

The general aim of the Master programme in International Migration and Social Cohesion is to educate students and create international dialogue among students, professionals and policy makers who will understand advanced issues of contemporary international migration  and who will be able to translate perceived societal problems into relevant social scientific research questions in order to contribute to the solution of such problems. More specifically, the programme seeks to explore the critical elements of international migration and the incorporation of immigrants in the society of destination.

MISOCO offers studies in at least three Universities during the Master course, interdisciplinary training, and direct cooperation with organizations and networks working in the field. This Master is unique to Europe, providing a unique opportunity to bring together those who have an interest in creating a shared outlook for Europe in terms of migration studies.

MISOCO is a two-year course, where in Year 1 all the students study together, taking core courses in migration studies and research methods, at the University of Amsterdam in the 1st semester and at the University of Deusto in the second. In Year 2 students choose a Specializing Institution - Univesity of Latvia, University of Osnabrueck, University of Poiters or University College Dublin - where they spend the 3rd semester deepening their knowledge and expertise of a particular area and the 4th semester working on their dissertations. EU students have opportunity of internship in Moldova State University (Moldova), York University (Canada) or University Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (Peru). The language of instruction is English. Upon successfully completing the course students receive a Joint /Double/Multiple Degree issued by those Universities of the MISOCO Consortium where the candidate has carried out his/her studies.  

Erasmus Mundus is offering 8 scholarships for EU students, which cover tuition fees and a monthly stipend of €500. Insurance and travel is expected to be covered by student.

Call for EU, EEA/EFTA students: April 15, 2010

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